Engineering Magnet Academy

The Academy of Engineering follows Project Lead the Way’s very rigorous national curriculum. The curriculum is based on the ideals of project-based learning and 21st-century skills, which include hands-on projects with an emphasis on how these newly learned skills can be applied to the workplace. The curriculum covers various topics included in a four-year college engineering program. Students will be able to learn engineering concepts and theories, then apply them in the classroom to examples of current real-world engineering projects. Students in this program must have well-developed math and study skills but, above all, a genuine interest and commitment in bettering their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Meet our Team

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Dr. Annie Lastre
Engineering Lead Magnet Teacher


Dr. Annie Lastre has been a teacher with Miami Dade County Public Schools for more than twenty years and is focused on preparing students for careers in Engineering and STEM fields. She is also a university professor with nine years of experience teaching educational research in capstone courses. Dr. Lastre promotes the application of engineering principles through clubs and teams. She sponsors the following teams: FIRST Robotics Competition, VEX Robotics Competitions, Drones in Schools, Youth Drone Sports Championship, Ten80 Education RC Car Racing, Riders Robotic League, and SECME.

Academy Completions Guidelines

Becoming an academy completer at Sunset earns students’ certifications, college credit and scholarships. The following criteria are needed to become a full completer at Miami Sunset:

  • Complete all State Florida graduation requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service
  • Have a cumulative weighted grade point average of 3.0
  • Complete four Engineering courses with a passing grade.

Academy of Engineering Coursework

9th Grade

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (NAF)
  • Auto Desk Fusion 360 Certification

10th Grade 

  • Principles of Engineering (NAF)
  • Auto Desk Inventor Certification
  • AOE Paid Internship (Summer going into 11th  Grade)

11th Grade

  • Digital Electronics (NAF)
  • AOE Internship (Summer going into 12th Grade)

12th Grade

  • Engineering Design and Development 
  • REC- Pre-Engineering Certification


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NAF Academy of Engineering

NAF Academies of Engineering use the curriculum from Project Lead the Way, and The STEM Academy too.