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Welcome to Mrs. Martinez’s CAP (College Assistance Program) Advisor’s Corner. The College Assistance Program is a unique postsecondary advisory program to Miami Dade County Public Schools. The specialized focus of the program enables CAP advisors to serve students more effectively because of their specific expertise in this field. It is one of the few college-help services in public schools nationwide that initiates contact with the students and collaborates with them throughout their post-secondary journey, from exploration to research to testing to admission and ultimately, financial aid and scholarships. SAT/ACT: Deadlines for the SAT and ACT are quickly approaching (see SAT/ACT Testing Calendar). Seniors should be testing to solidify their score for admission and to earn that qualifying score for Bright Futures Scholarships (scores through June of your senior year qualify!) Juniors, you should consider registering to take the SAT and/or ACT around December. Your focus should lie with the October PSAT! SAT and ACT Fee Waivers are available from Mrs. Martinez. You must qualify in order to use a fee waiver. The primary way most are eligible, is through free/reduced lunch, however due to the fact we ALL now enjoy free lunch, PLEASE complete the new Income Survey Form (link below) to qualify. Students may receive up to two SAT and four, ACT testing fee waivers and essentially as many college application waivers you may need (this is primarily requested and approved through the Scoir platform). See Mrs. Martinez in Student Services, Room 115.

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SCOIR: All students (9th through 12th grade) need to activate their Scoir account to track their applications and request transcripts and letters of recommendation. Use the link below to activate their account. See Mrs. Martinez for additional information.


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